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The assembly and installation of facilities and plant for the industry and mid-sized companies is a matter for perfectionists: Everything has to function smoothly and go hand-in-hand, from the project planning, electrical engineering, mechanics, the exact timing, right up to the initial start-up… The professionals from Oswald Metzen – Industrietechnische Anlagen GmbH guarantee the highest precision with their expertise. In doing so, our team of highly qualified specialists draw on their experience from a multitude of well-known major international projects. Constantly being at the cutting edge of technology is a matter of course for us, and the constant training that our around 120 men and women undertake means that we always put the most innovative and functional solutions into practice. The top fitters and highly-qualified welders from Oswald Metzen are always down-to-earth, practical and flexible in the work that they do, and are highly capable of applying their vast knowledge to the specific requirements of bespoke systems in very different industries. We train also our employees in occupational health and safety. This ensures that our team get to work in a safe and motivating working environment.

We have just the manpower for your needs

Would you like to have a team as competent as this working for you? No problem. When staff shortages or sudden peaks in demands mean that you have to react quickly and professionally, we can outsource our assembly, installation and maintenance specialists to you. Our specialists are perfectly trained to adapt to changing situations. They look after ‘their’ customers individually, with focus, based on long-term trust. This experience allows them to adjust to the needs of very different business partners. Whether for outsourcing or consulting: You facilities are in the best of hands with Oswald Metzen GmbH, and the service you receive comes from a single source. We always have a competent and technically correct answer immediately available even for unusual issues.

We provide solutions for the challenges you face

For many companies, the constant pressure to innovate means that they have to build more and more new systems. However, in doing so they are losing out on the potential for savings. We have the reliable expertise to check how to minimise expenditure. The specialists from Oswald Metzen GmbH are capable of optimising existing systems to adapt them to new processes or precisely integrate new elements even when the systems are still in operation or during extremely short down times. Thanks to our proprietary replacement parts production facilities, we have a very wide range of electrical engineering services and maintenance services designed to preserve value available around the clock. This allows our customers to save on costly newbuilds, frees up additional capital and provides gains in valuable production time.

Resource-efficiency is one of our strengths

We are not only experts in constructing state-of-the-art facilities, such as oil mills, bio-refineries or raw materials processing systems that contribute to conserving resources. Environmental protection and resource efficiency count as two of our other core competencies, even for systems and plant from other areas. Our team optimising and retrofitting your systems with cost and energy-effective components delivers tangible competitive advantages in markets that are increasingly sensitive to raw materials being used sparingly.

Our understanding of occupational health and safety

Occupational safety and caring for the health of our employees mean a lot to us. We make sure that any hazards that occur in the work environment are eliminated or reduced to a minimum. That’s why our company is certified according to the globally recognized OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational health and safety.


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