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Our expertise ranges from the preparation of verifiable static calculations to fully assembled industrial facilities. We can demonstrate particular know-how in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and installation in the fields of materials handling, electrical engineering and systems, industrial piping construction, industrial steel engineering, silo and tank construction and special engineering projects.

Ideas that point the way ahead and excellence in engineering go hand-in-hand with individual advice and a bespoke concept: Our project engineers develop and implement customised solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry, and coordinate the expertise of specialists, engineers and professionals while doing so.

Specific needs require specific solutions. And specific engineering services. Our experienced engineers guarantee all of this for you. From individual analysis of the requirements, through to planning and production, to acceptance of the system on-site. We also advise you on all aspects of the expansion or optimisation of existing systems so that you can optimise their profitability.

Flexible outsourcing is our answer to acute shortages in skills: We outsource highly qualified assembly, installation and maintenance specialists to the industry. In the short-term, to bridge shortages owing to illness or holiday-related bottlenecks. Also in the long-term, depending on individual needs.