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Profile & smooth wall steel silo systems



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Profile wall and smooth walled steel silo systems

Turnkey steel silo systems in profile and smooth wall design including mechanical equipment and including electrical plant engineering

Steel silo systems from OSWALD METZEN GmbH take the form of a sophisticated modular system that meets almost all technical and customer requirements.
Profile and smooth-wall steel silo systems are ideal for storing all types of standard bulk materials, including plastic granules, minerals, sugar, sugar substitutes, flour, cereals, pellets, premixes or ready-made feed, with a variable number of cells based on the modular principle. We have already realised capacities ranging 120 to approx. 13,300 m³.

The silo system is built on a steel substructure. The rectangular or square sheet steel sections (S235JRG2 or S355J2G3 in accordance with DIN EN 10025) are constructed from single prefabricated wall elements during assembly on-site. Each support is created from the 4 head plates on the coincident wall elements. Concrete is poured into the columns following pre-assembly and compacted to increase the structural strength, protect against cavity corrosion and provide for better transfer of the horizontal bending moment in the corners. Longitudinal and transverse moments which result are optimally absorbed by diverse reinforcements throughout the entire construction. This solid construction guarantees the long service life of the silo unit.

Download brochure: Steel silo systems
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Our silo systems are characterised by the following features:

  • High quality
  • Modular principle
  • Proven plug-in system
  • Quick construction
  • Low costs
  • Stainless steel inner surface
  • Parts that come into contact with the product made of stainless steel
  • Foodstuff-compatible interior coating

Comprehensive safety features:

  • Pressure shockproof closing slides prevent pressure breaking through around the funnels.
  • Level limiters prevent the silo cells overfilling.
  • Various explosion protection devices are optionally available depending on the requirements.
  • The requirements of VDI guidelines 3673 and 2263 are complied with.
  • C-pipe connection devices are fitted to the silo outlets through which extinguishing agents can be pumped in the event of a hazard.
  • 800 x 800 mm manholes with lockable grates are fitted to the silo cell covers through which extinguishing agents can be pumped in the event of a hazard.