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Paper roller bearings



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Roller conveyor units for the paper industry.

From individual to complete system concepts

We offer both complete roller transport systems or partial solutions from a single source. We are also able to convert, extend and/or optimise existing third-party systems. Producing replacement parts according to the ideas and needs of our customers is one of our fortes. And, it goes without saying that we will also be happy to take on the job of equipping the roller bearing with the requisite electric and intelligent automation technology. Our team of experts will also be happy to assist you in all the maintenance and repair tasks for your productions.


Troughed slat conveyors are used to transport paper rolls horizontally to the roll store, for example. Depending on the requirements, these can be fitted at floor level or at an elevated height.


Lifting devices serve to bridge the various different levels in a roller conveyor unit. This can be used, for example, to bridge the height difference between the equipment or paper machine level and the roller bearings. As you can see in the photos on the right, you can even combine different tasks, such as a rotary table inside the lifting device. Lifting devices for static rollers can also be realised, of course.


The tilting table is mainly used to change the position of the paper roll from lying to standing so that they can be stacked in the roll store. A troughed slat conveyor belt and a flat apron conveyor belt are mounted on the 90-degree-rotatable pivot frame. Once the horizontal paper roll is resting on the tilting table, a hydraulic element performs the pivoting procedure. Once the now vertical paper roll has left the tilting element, the tilting table pivots back to the start position to receive the next paper roll.


Straight slat conveyors are used to transport upright paper rolls, for example for transportation to or from the roll store for picking. As with troughed slat conveyors equipped, the possibility also exists here set them up at floor level or in an elevated position.


Any number of changes in direction for a horizontal roll of paper can be realised with a rotary table. A rotary table is the first choice, especially when transporting around corners. Rotary tables can be realised both for troughed conveyors, as in the example on the left, and for flat conveyors.


Transversing cars can be used to change the rigid conveyor axes that exist on the slat conveyor. The transversing car is moved over wheel blocks on recessed rails in the ground. The supply of power, for example, takes place externally over armoured yet flexible lines.


The rolls either wait at the transfer stations to be received by the hall cranes or the hall cranes delivery them for retrieval. A minimum of two of these stations makes for effective warehousing and logistics by utilising the maximum capacity of the crane.


The rolls taken out of the warehouse are placed at the acceptance station ready picked for loading onto the truck. Based on using the components listed above, solutions between one and several truck slots are possible here simultaneously depending on the size of the warehouse.


We supply extremely sturdy run-off guards that provide maximum protection to both conveyors and vehicles for safely manoeuvring trucks to the loading ramps.


Our elements score highly with their robust mechanics, gentle transfer of the rolls and short cycle times. You can still count on our after-sale service even after commissioning.

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