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ME-FO curve conveyors



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Trough chain conveyors
ME-FO curve conveyors

Powerful and very quiet. For the transportation of non-abrasive bulk goods of all kinds.

In essential terms, the ME-FO curved conveyor consists of a rectangular two-chamber trough with a flange-mounted drive and clamping housing and an endless two-strand hollow pin conveyor chain with lifting and sliding buckets. The chain is rolled away along the entire conveyor line between the drive and tensioning stations.

Our ME-FO curve conveyor is suitable for transporting non-abrasive bulk goods of all kinds.

Special features:

  • The lateral chains are rolled away on rollers in the protected channel.
  • Various lines are possible, including horizontal, oblique, C-shaped, Z-shaped and L-shaped, and small curve radii up to 500 mm
  • Low installed capacity through rolling removal
  • Product-friendly conveyance in a closed system

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Scrapers or brushes are arranged between the lifting and sliding buckets, which ensure that the conveyor system is emptied in full and the troughs clean on each revolution.

Small footprint of the ME-FO curved conveyor with its high conveyance capacity and low drive power, long service life, low wear, fast product changeover, and arrangement of several feed and discharge points for feeding different destinations.

Our ME-FO curve conveyor scores highly with its modular system and almost any variation of combinable parts that can be adapted to meet any challenge. Connection of the individual components with dust and gas-tight bolted connections incl. Flame arrester according to the ATEX standard. Regulation of the flow through inlet slides.

Feasible are outlets without gate valve, with manually operated gate valve or electrically or pneumatically operated gate valve.

Low maintenance with excellent operational safety. Closed design prevents workplace accidents and the generation of dust. No lubrication points inside the ME-FO curve conveyor.

Performance and speed depend on the goods being conveyed. Variable speeds are also possible including with inverter operation at between 0.1-0.5 m/s. Delivery shafts in standard steel, stainless steel and plastic feasible. Conveyor chain: Hollow pin chain: 50, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250 mm. Breaking acc. to BS EN 8166.

Fig. 1 and 2 – cereal products; Fig. 3 and 4 – plastic granules

 Advantages and special features:

  • Closed system, low operating noise, fast cleaning and long service life.
  • The special bucket shape used caters for product-friendly transport.
  • High flow rates and low drive power due to rolling chain removal.
  • Very low wear, which is limited to just the curved rails.
  • Flexible lines make it extremely adaptable to a variety of challenges.
  • Material can be conveyed horizontally, vertically and through tight bends.
  • Low maintenance resulting in high availability and operational safety.
  • Components connected with dust and gas-tight fittings.
  • Use in explosion-proof systems and environments possible.
  • Fitted brushes and scrapers cater for excellent emptying performance.