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Discharging devices



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Discharging devices from OSWALD METZEN GmbH

For discharging the contents of silos and tanks. With options for loosening heavy-flowing bulk solids.

Vibro-discharge device, low-level design


Build size:
ø 600 – ø 3500 mm

Application area:
Compaction-free discharge of all heavy-flowing bulk solids

Vibro conveyor trough


Build size:
The conveyor trough is designed to meet performance needs and the conditions of the local environment

Application area:
Gentle silo discharge in the foodstuff and animal feed sector

Agitator discharge aggregate


Build size:
ø 600 – ø 1250 mm

Application area:
For non-compacted products such as minerals, special animal feed, mountain flour, sugar, press flour etc.

Fluidisation discharge
(Pneumatic discharge device)

With built-in plastic fluidising base, attached compressed air connection, with built-in electro-pneumatic butterfly valve, very high loading performance
Build size:
ø 600 – ø 1250 mm

Application area:
For flour, lime, cement

Multiple worm screw discharge

With progressive conical thread in the inlet area
Build size:
High adaptable to the respective needs or job

Application area:
For all free-flowing products

Discharge and dosing worm gear

With progressive thread in the inlet area
Suitable for
General purpose use

Application area:
For heavy-flowing products such as bran, flour, special flours, etc.

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