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Industrial steelwork engineering – Everything from one source

When it comes to complex challenges, we are the movers and shakers

Oswald Metzen GmbH supplies steel construction solutions from one single source, with our customers only having one point of contact,
who they can rely on absolutely. This person, in turn, draws on the specialist knowledge of various experts:

Our proprietary engineering services, vast range of electro-technical expertise and in-house replacement parts production service work smoothly hand-in-hand. Perfection is guaranteed, from the planning permission, to all stages in the construction project, to the final documentation.

If you have complex, out-of-the-ordinary requirements that go far beyond pre-fabricated system solutions, they we are the right port of call for you. Continuous, problem-free operational reliability, is not just a goal for us, it a reality – even for complex projects.

Pipe bridge, Neuss harbour

Bespoke manufacture

Costs saving through innovations

For many companies, the constant pressure to innovate means that they have to build more and more new systems. However, in doing so they are losing out on the potential for savings. We have the reliable expertise to check how to minimise expenditure.

The specialists from Oswald Metzen GmbH are capable of optimising existing systems to adapt them to new processes or precisely integrate new elements even when the systems are still in operation or during extremely short down times. This allows our customers to save on costly newbuilds, frees up additional capital and provides gains in valuable production time.

Resource-efficiency is one of our strengths

Steel plant construction for the industry and mid-sized companies is a matter for perfectionists: Everything has to function smoothly and go hand-in-hand, from the project planning via the exact timing, right up to the initial start-up. The professionals from Oswald Metzen – Industrietechnische Anlagen GmbH guarantee the highest precision with their expertise. In doing so, our team of highly qualified specialists draw on their experience from a multitude of well-known major international projects. The top fitters and highly-qualified welders from Oswald Metzen are always down-to-earth, practical and flexible in the work that they do, and are highly capable of applying their vast knowledge to the specific requirements of bespoke systems in very different industries.

Steel construction company Sels

Energy de France – Steel construction on flow channels

Feed hopper for bulk materials

Complete solution – hall + installations


  • Planning, construction, production, assembly, installation and project management from one single source
  • Special steel constructions for highly complex, quality requirements
  • Construction and installations in hard-to-reach areas or in the smallest spaces
  • Conversion and expansion of existing production facilities
  • Platform construction, walkways, work surfaces and substructures for machines and equipment of all sizes
  • On-site assembly by our company technicians
  • Binding scheduling and consequent implementation of the objectives set
  • Proprietary production hall with metalwork shop and modern production facilities

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Our industry and steel construction services at a glance:

Steel construction
Pipeline bridges
Support structures
Industrial steelwork engineering
Building extensions
Feed hoppers
Protective wear linings

Stage construction
Working structures
Roofing, facade and siding construction
Fixtures and fittings
Verified statics
Special steel constructions

Bridge construction
Emergency staircases
Escape ladders
Plant layout
Plant planning
3D planning with Inventor

3D design
3D laser scan with FARO
Project planning
Budget calculation
Approval planning
Point clouds

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