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Electro-technical systems



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Electro-technical systems

Conceptualisation, realisation, perfection

High quality standards, future-oriented planning, efficient turnkey systems:

Planning and designing electrical systems for us means developing concepts that also take account of your future needs and requirements.

Our services:

  • Engineering
  • Substation construction
  • Automation
  • Complete electrical installation of your system

Left: Switch cabinet construction | Right: Electrical installation of a milling plant

Individual advice, professional competence

An experienced team of master craftsmen, technicians, engineers and technicians are more than happy to implement your requirements. Individual advice, professional competence and are the characteristics of our high-quality service Intelligent networking helps us to meet your future requirements today.

Energy consulting tailored to you allows us to localise weak spots and areas of high energy consumption and develop an energy-efficient solution.

Our extensive expertise allows us to realise: Technical process equipment, weighing, mixing and dosing controls, and substations or switchgear with PC and web-based visualisations. Amongst others, we work with leading automation systems including ABB (AC500, AC700), SIEMENS (S7300, S71200, S7-400 with PCS7), Wago (750 series controllers), Eaton (XC-CPU).

Products for complex requirements

We strive to meet the needs of our customers in a market-oriented manner at all times and ensure the quality and process flows required.

We meet your needs in a market-oriented manner and ensure the quality and process flows required, and, if possible, improve them.

Bespoke programming and visualisation for process plants

Complete electrical system for the pressure-controlled operation of an air extraction system

Electro-technically controlled dipping bath

All-round service in the maintenance and care of your plant and systems


  • Market-oriented planning, project planning and the realisation of turnkey electrical plant and systems.
  • Customised programming and visualisation for process plants.
  • Supply of automation solutions for various industrial sectors –- ranging from visualisation, PLC programming, cableway construction and cable laying, to commissioning.
  • Supply and installation of low-voltage substations and switchgear according to IEC 61439 and applicable UL standards for the North American market.
  • All-round service for the maintenance and care of existing systems and plant, as well as consultancy, analyses and solutions.
  • Submission of concepts for improving the electrical systems and actual performance of the work.
  • We supply you with just the right specialists you need to perform the direction and verification work.
  • We also offer you technical services ranging from cable ducting construction to connection, commissioning and repair work.
  • Teleservice for remote diagnostics and direct troubleshooting.

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Wunn, Dietrich

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Mobile: +49 (0) 1 72 – 6 24 19 71

Our electrical engineering services at a glance:

Maintenance, overhaul
Automation technology,
Control, control technology
Electrical engineering

Switching stations/Switchgear
Switch cabinet
Switch cabinet construction
Schematic capture
Industrial systems

Electro-technical systems
Energy distribution

Eplan P8, WSCad
Electrical installation
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