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Felix Jakob Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Felix Jakob Fördertechnik – an area that was taken over
by Oswald Metzen GmbH.

Friction roller – robust and available for a variety of applications

Set up
The drive shaft is structurally relocated with either upright or flange bearings and is driven by a sprocket in simplex or duplex design. The cylindrical inner body is permanently connected to the drive shaft. A sleeve is located between the roller body and the inner part.

Two plastic discs function as a seal. They are fixed to the outside with retaining rings.
The friction roller can be arranged as a continuous, but also single roller body on the drive shaft.

The drive drives the drive shaft permanently. The friction roller is driven as soon as a load is applied. If the work pieces to be transported become jammed, then the friction roller is no longer driven when the back pressure gets too high.

The friction roller does not need to be adjusted or readjusted. Merely the interaction between the roller body, bushing and inner part (friction) ensure the friction function.


Because Oswald Metzen GmbH acquired the expertise and all the drawings and documents from Felix Jakob, we can offer you the following:

Replacement parts in OEM quality
Overhaul (retrofitting) of your existing systems and plant by specialist fitters

For the following systems:

  • Transfer lines/Return lanes with slopping lifts for work-piece carriers in a horizontal arrangement with and without slopping lifts for mechanical processing (e.g. gear parts, motors, axle journals)
  • Turning stations
  • Transfer equipment
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Pallet changers
  • Concatenations
  • Chip conveyor as thrust flaps or drag chain conveyor

Download brochure: Felix Jakob conveyor technology
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