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Ergonomics in the workplace = Motivated employees

Employees should neither be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by the work that they do.

The amount of pressure a operator is subjected to can be significantly reduced by using the Metzen Ergo Loader. Our MEL takes the form of a compact, mobile and universal telescopic belt conveyor. It represents a perfect solution for loading packaged items of all kinds.

It closes the gap between the feeder technology and the unloading and loading station. Its small and compact length at the base means that it can be used in the smallest spaces and tightest situations. Variable adjustment means that the MEL can be extend to a length of 2 m. Angle adjustment of +/ – 15° means that almost any loading or unloading position can be reached.

The benefits of using the MEL are not just to be found in the reduction in physical strain, but also the help it provides in reducing working hours lost due to sickness. Its build was designed in such a way that it can be connected flexibly to almost any connecting conveyor. Using the MEL means that everyone involved benefits from a semi-automatic solution.


  • Relieves strain on the spine
  • Employee motivation
  • Universally deployable
  • Reduction in working hours lost due to sickness:
  • Flexible integration

Technical data:

Telescopic design
1,325 mm when retracted
2,470 mm when extended

+/- 15° lifting and lowering

Belt driven
Reversing mode

Width: 600 mm
Material: PVC

Main dimensions
1,100 (W) x 850 (H)

Power consumption
50 V, 50 Hz
1.4 kW

v = 0.53 m/s constant

Manually displacable

Up to 50 kg

Download brochure: Metzen Ergo Loader
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