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Oswald Metzen GmbH
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Based in Bitburg, Gochsheim, Erkelenz, Ludwigshafen and Luxembourg, Oswald Metzen GmbH is a full-service provider of services that cover all the phases in plant engineering projects.

Besides bespoke assembly, installation, maintenance and repair services for production facilities in various industries, both engineering, project planning and the realisation of complex systems and industrial systems including industrial steelwork engineering and electrical engineering form core the businesses segments of the Bitburg-based company.

Oswald Metzen GmbH has been scoring highly with its bundled expertise in the fields of plant engineering, electrical plant engineering, pipeline construction, industrial steelwork engineering, steel silo systems, conveyor technology and paper technology for more than fifty years now. At the same time, our in-house metalwork shop and production facilities allows a high level of added value to be achieved for economically efficient, bespoke production.

Highly qualified professionals, professional project management and the fast production/delivery of replacement parts cater for reliable on-site inspections and repairs.

The Oswald Metzen GmbH purposefully combines extensive engineering know-how in the specialist areas it addresses with industry expertise.

With its wide range of products and services and long-term experience in special and large-scale projects, the Bitburg-based company has successfully positioned itself as an expert partner in numerous key industries.


Plant engineering
Mechanical engineering
Electrical plant engineering
Steel construction
Silo construction
Pipeline construction
Conveying technology
Water management

Key industries

Animal feed industry
Chemical industry
Pulp and paper industry
Food industry
Steel industry
Cement industry
Gas suppliers & power plants
Environmental technology

Special areas

Animal feed mills
Cement works
Silo units
Conveying technology
Paper technology

Additional services

Project management
3D planning
Metalwork shop
3D laser scanning

Impressions of our wide range of products and services

“We are the partner who looks after your needs reliably and in a forward-looking manner during all the phases of plant construction with more than 50 years of experience.”