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BIGBAG emptying



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TOP TRAC fully automatic BIGBAG emptying – dust-free and environmentally friendly

Dust-free, fully automatic, controlled collection and formula-based dosing from BigBags, containers and sacks

Fully automatic, pneumatically conveying and computer-controlled:

TOP TRAC for the complete emptying of big bags, containers and sacks etc.

  • Dust-free working
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • Dosage according to formula

Particularly suitable for retrofitting existing systems.

Area of application:

  • Chemical industrie:
    All pneumatically conveyable raw materials, pigments, toxic and carcinogenic substances etc.
  • Building materials sector:
    All crystalline substances
  • Food industry:
    All pneumatically conveyable raw materials, such as baking aids, ready-to-cook mixes, ready-made flours, whole grains shot, small components, etc.
  • Brewery industry:
    Filtration media (Gure etc.)

Download brochure: BIGBAG emptying
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Economic and ecological aspects are increasingly leading to a move away from bagged and small packaged goods and towards larger type of packaging, such as BigBags, containers etc. TOP TRAC was specially developed for performing controlled removal from these types of large packagings. The components to be removed are sucked upwards to the scales based on the exact formula, in precise dosages, dust-free, in layers and practically free of segregation.
TOP TRAC is travels fully automatically over rails from container to container with millimetre precision, day and night and without the need for any personnel! The system can also be connected directly to a silo system that is being operated as a part of the suction conveyance process.


  • Equipment for lifting containers is no longer need. A pallet truck sufficed for loading the pallets and BigBags.
  • Easy replacement of the containers.
  • 8 container positions in the standard version. Extension positions can be retrofitted easily and with little extra effort.
  • No pollution of the environment and surroundings, all operations take place dust-free.
  • Variable programmable parameters allow individual adjustments to be made to the goods conveyed at each container position.
  • Proven and practical system components are used. Wide range of weighing and formulation systems available.
  • Oswald Metzen GmbH performs the project planning, delivery, commissioning and service.
  • TOP TRAC is a product that meets the high demands of our times perfectly.

Suction tube with sieve in the pipe

Suction tube with standard head

Suction tube with ‘rotatable protection’ inlet