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Plastics recycling



An ELBE Industrietechnik GmbH Company

Machines and plant for plastics recycling

We build components for your process lines: Separating – washing – conveying – bunkering

Oswald Metzen GmbH supplies machines and systems for plastics recycling, such as Agricultural films, PET bottles, municipal mixed waste, etc. We build processes separation, washing, conveying and bunkering components for this purpose.

Download brochure: Plastics recycling
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On the following photos you can see:
Photo 1: Washing drum with discharge channel on 2 friction separators
Photo 2: Buffer silo discharge with feed belt to the extruder
Photo 3-5: Pre-wash drum in stainless steel with feed spout and distribution spout
Photo 6-10: Buffer silos with agitators and screw discharge for uniformly and continuously feeding the extruder

Photo 11: Separating tanks in various designs and sizes for separating mixtures according to specification. Weight in the sink-float process
Photo 12: Separation tank – 4-fold screw discharge – sink fraction with collecting screw and feed to the mechanical dryer
Photo 13-14: Separation tank for separation in the sink-float process; Heavy fraction discharge using a drag chain conveyor
Photo 15-17: Trough screw conveyors in various designs, here, for example, film scraps